Yup that’s right . . . another reminder from me.

Hello again,

If you haven’t responded to the survey yet, please do so by tomorrow. Bethany and Steve will be meeting with Dr. Losey in the next week with our suggestions (based on your responses) for the seminars that will be offered in the next year. Also you can still make suggestions for the seminars that will be offered next summer (’09).

I’ve tried to make this survey as user friendly as possible. You should be able to hit reply (PLEASE DON’T HIT REPLY ALL) and then fill in the needed information in the A) and B) columns below. If you could get the survey back to me by Friday, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, Sarah


Please fill in the following chart taking into consideration your own degree schedule and degree emphasis. Look back at the EGSA handbook or the English dept website for lists of required courses and course hours for your specific degree program, and consider a balance of required courses, historical periods, and American and British classes.

The results of this survey will be presented to the GPD, Jay Losey, who will present it to the graduate faculty as they prepare course offerings for the next couple of years, and as they develop a rotation of required courses.

Please include the date you need/want to take the course, and possible course content that you would like to see. For instance, ENG 5340 might be taught alternately as 18th century Poetry and 18th century Prose or some more creative variation thereof. What would you like to see in another 6000-level course? A single-author course? Keep in mind the faculty we have available to teach the courses you suggest.

A) Which semester, starting Fall 09, do you need or want the following courses to finish your degree? B) What specific content would you suggest for the course?

Graduate Courses

Follow-up Questions:

1. What is your preferred seminar meeting time? 3:30-6:30? 4-7? Why??

2. What most influenced your decision to pursue graduate studies in English at Baylor? Be as specific as possible, but you might use these categories to get your started: programs, faculty, assistantships, location, etc.