RSVP TODAY please…and a few other things

EGSA folks,

First, TODAY BEFORE YOU LEAVE: RSVP to Lois for Friday’s Hamburger dinner with the faculty. Call the english office or stop by and she’ll put you on the list. If I’ve already tracked you down, I’ve RSVP’d for you.
It will be a time for informal interaction with faculty and other grad students. Bring a picnic blanket and outside games if you have either of them. Otherwise just come at 5pm and enjoy the company.

Second, Friday will also be English dept. t-shirt day. If you don’t already have one, pick up an English department t-shirt in the english office, and wear it all day Friday (even for teaching!). We’ve got lots of them, and they’re FREE!

Lastly, if you are going to be writing your dissertation next year, go down to Dr. Losey’s office on the first floor for more information about the Charlotte Newcomb award (not Baylor sponsored) which provides funding for dissertation writing year. Dr. Losey knows someone who has received it in the past, so it might be worth trying for!

Thanks for reading yet another EGSA e-mail. We’re not just trying to clutter your inbox, I promise! The prez