Fall Picnic this Saturday, Oct. 4th

Hello Everyone,

Do you remember in our first EGSA meeting when we talked about how we would have a fall picnic the first weekend of October? Well, guess what? This weekend is the first weekend of October, so true to our word we will be grilling, playing, talking about our fabulous, diverse lives (i.e. the fictional versions) . . . in short, having a wonderful, fun-filled time this Saturday, Oct. 4th, at Pecan Bottoms in Cameron Park. Now we know that we’re all poorish, so everyone will have to bring their own meat for the grill, but we will potluck the sides, drinks, and desserts. Below is a rubric (yes, I’m still in teaching mode) according to last name that gives the division of responsibilities.

A-G: sides H-N: drinks O-Z: desserts

You are encouraged to bring your spouse, children, animal children, and any significant others. The party starts at 1ish and ends at 4ish. Hope to see you there! EGSA
P.S. Specific directions to Pecan Bottoms will be coming soon. =)