Dear People,
It’s time to plan the EGSA New Student Orientation!! On Tues, Aug 18, we will hold an afternoon-long orientation (it does not conflict with the GSA, TA, or WC orientations) in order to introduce the incoming first-years to all of our secret handshakes, etc. !! And anyone who’s anyone will be there!!!!

A.) 1-2 pm–dessert social in 4th floor CS faculty lounge –> Come one, come all, and bring a dessert!

B.) 2-4 pm–info sessions in a CS classroom –> If you are interested in giving a 5-10 minute talk on one of the topics below, please email me asap!! ***Include your phone # and 1-2 topic preferences in your email***

C.) Afterpartaaay–dinner at Ninfa’s –> If you skipped the actual orientation, you are morallly obligated to attend this part. Please let me know if you want to come so that I have a general head-count. If you don’t let me know, you should still come anyway.

SESSION TOPICS (partial list)
PhD program
PhD program–Religion and Lit
MA program
The GPD’s role
About EGSA
About GSA
Around campus
Around Waco
Balancing (single)
Balancing (married)

<3<3 Margy