EGSA: News and September Meeting

As you begin enjoying the weekend, please peruse these notes from the EGSA Council:

Meetings: Our first EGSA meeting of the semester will be Friday, September 4 at 3 PM in the SUB. (The second EGSA meeting will be October 2 at 3 PM. We may establish this “first Friday” time slot the regular time for all our meetings this semester).

Vacant Positions in EGSA:
Currently, the following EGSA positions need to be filled:

– one fundraising chair
– one GSA alternate
– both Professional Development Coordinator positions

We will take nominations for these positions at the September 4 meeting. Nominations will also be accepted by email.

Voting and EGSA dues:
After the September 4 meeting, all EGSA members will be allowed to vote by email on the above positions (all votes should be sent to You may vote before paying your dues, but if you vote you are committing yourself to becoming a paying member. Dues are $10 (not $20). Bring your cash or check (payable to “EGSA”) to Virginia Jarrell (CS 406).

Other notes:
Pending approval from EGSA members, the EGSA Council would like to expand to include two “at-large” members. These new members

would ensure that all grad students (M.A., Ph.D., RAs, GAs, and TAs) have a voice on the council.