First 2012 Digest! 1/5/12

EGSA says, “ !”

Hello again, EGSA! It has been a while, but I hope your break was restful or productive (whichever you needed more). Please take note of the following announcements/reminders regarding the beginning of the Spring 2012 semester. See you around Carroll Science, and I can only hope you’ll be as sharply dressed as this feline manager.


(From the 12/6 meeting notes regarding this meeting:) “Drs. Barcus and Russell will be holding a meeting on Friday, January 13 at 2:15 in CS 101 to share information with us and to open the floor for questions/clarifications regarding the program. Also, Dr. Barcus said that he will provide us with a checklist of program requirements if it will communicate some of the department’s expectations more clearly…”

COURSE EVALUATION FOCUS GROUPS: Attention TAs: Please consider volunteering to participate in a focus group on the effectiveness of the electronic course evaluations. Since the English department was one of the larger groups to participate in this pilot, our feedback is critical. If you have opinions and would like to be considered for participation in one of these focus groups, please email Dr. Kathleen Morley at

T-SHIRT CONTEST DEADLINE: TOMORROW! If you haven’t sent Kalani your ingenious ideas for EGSA t-shirts, be sure to do so right now.

FIRST SOCIAL EVENT OF THE SEASON: Get psyched and curious about what the EGSA social chairs are brewing!

Keep an eye out for the announcement from Virginia Jarrell and Ginger Hanchey.

That is all for now. Here is to a wonderful start to 2012! (Meow get back to work!) SBA, Secretary