EGSA: Why Should I Attend a Candidate Presentation?!

A word (249 words, actually) from Steve! Heed! Believe!

EGSA folk,

Exciting times forthcoming! We will have eight (yes, eight!) candidates visiting campus this semester with the hope of hiring four of them. Either three or four of them will be graduate faculty (I’ve heard conflicting reports from those who should know), so they are potential readers for dissertation committees and potential profs for some of you newbies who will be taking classes in a few years from now. A VERY IMPORTANT reason to attend some of these presentations is to get a glimpse of the interview process that many of us will go through (if we plan to be profs).

The first candidate is giving her presentation on Monday. I am attaching the candidate presentation announcement again (in case you didn’t realize it applied to you). This candidate is for the open Modern American position. CVs will be available for perusal from the English office just prior to the presentation, perhaps on Friday (see Lois Avey).

The first English department tea is this Friday at 2:30, after which the EGSA council will be meeting. If you have any questions/concerns/ideas for us this semester, please let one of us know by then. Just a reminder of who we are:

Steven Petersheim (president)
Mary Kolner (vice president)
Bethany Bear (secretary)
Virginia Jarrell (treasurer)
Laura Bedwell (PhD Rep)
Naomi Tober (MA Rep)
*Kathleen Miller (conference chair) will also be attending so that we can discuss conference details.

See you next Friday at our first meeting! Steven Petersheim
EGSA President, 2009-2010