EGSA: A (positive) change in grad student travel awards program

Dr. Losey asked that I distribute this among the English grad students. Read carefully, friends! Travel money from the Graduate School is a wonderful resource.


From: Losey, Jay
Sent: Wednesday, February 03, 2010 3:32 PM To: Bear, Bethany

Subject: FW: A (positive) change in grad student travel awards program Graduate Program Directors—

We’ve made a slight change in the travel awards program that funds your graduate students who are presenting scholarship at professional meetings. This change will now enable thrifty travelers to stretch their $600 annual allocation to cover more than two trips. Previously we’ve funded just two trips at $300 each. Sometimes a student is able to accomplish a trip on less than $300 . . . with the result that they left some funding on the table. This arrangement allows a student to request less than $300 for a trip that is less- expensive.

The bottom line is that with the same overall program funding we can enable our graduate students to participate in more conferences. This increases their professional exposure, enhances networking, and ultimately facilitates better placements in other academic programs or in the workplace.

Please let your graduate students know about this change and encourage them to take advantage of our travel support. A revised document describing the program is attached; also available at . Thanks.—Ken

P.S. No, we’re still not able to make awards larger than $300 per trip.

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