EGSA: GSA Intramurals Info

EGSA! Via Vivien, an update on GSA Intramurals:

Welcome back to you all. I hope everyone had a relaxing spring break!

There are two more intramural seasons this year that will be played over the month of April, these are Softball and Sand Volleyball. Sand volleyball is the only co-rec sport of the year. If you are interested in playing either one of these sports please let me know as sign ups end soon! If you think you’ve already expressed your interest check the attached excel sheets.

Dia del Oso is fast approaching and for anyone who has not attended the festivities in the past there are a variety of tournaments that take place on this day. These are usually fast paced single elimination tournaments. If memory serves some of the sports that compete are racquetball, indoor soccer, ultimate frisbee, tug of war and others. If you would be interested in playing on a team in one of these let me know. If there is enough interest for any of these then we will have a team and see how our fortunes fare.

Last but not least, to all of the ladies on this email list, or any female colleagues you forward this too…the GSA women’s basketball team is in need of additional players! Because of the time of day when their games are played (10:15pm usually on monday evenings) several of their players are unable to make it. Therefore, because the roster remains open I am seeking any interested players of any skill level that would like to play!

I hope everyone has a good end to the year! Whether you played on any teams this year or not please keep in mind that another year is coming! We will be continuing to field GSA teams next year (funds and interest permitting) so keep an eye on your emails come august!

Jonathan Perry