EGSA: GSA Rep Nominations – Do it now!

Below, you will find a note from our President concerning GSA reps. Please consider this position seriously–whether or not you know it, GSA is a big reason grad-student life is worth living at Baylor–they fight for health care, free parking stickers, raises, and all kinds of things individual grad students could not accomplish. If you decide to run for the rep position, you will be doing a great service for all the grad students at Baylor. BB


Sorry – this can’t wait until our next meeting, which will probably be right after the Easter break (changed date). I have been informed that we need to select a new GSA rep for next year, and we need to do it now. This person plays a role in EGSA and is your/our source whenever we want to inquire about or propose new graduate student policies that affect our graduate student status (things like health insurance, graduate standing, graduate school policies, etc.). Nominations are open now. You may nominate someone else (please check with them to make sure they are willing to serve in this position) or self-nominate if you are interested. I have copied the offical description below.

A voting Representative to GSA: This person should have been at Baylor for at least one year, with exceptions for those programs that are only one year long. The representative attends monthly GSA meetings, works with one of the standing committees (Academic, Social, or Policy), and exercises a vote on behalf of the graduate students in their department.

If you want more information, contact Vivien Zelazny, our current rep who wants to step down at the end of the semester. Nominations will be accepted until Friday at 5 P.M. Expect a ballot next week.

Your prez, Steve