EGSA: Ice Cream Social!

“Alleluia” and “Yum” are both good words, and you will need them both this Easter. See below for an invitation from Steve. If you are facebook friends, you can also see these details on a facebook invitation you should have received. ________________________________________

WHO: You and yours
WHAT: Are invited to an After-Easter ice cream social!
WHEN: Saturday, April 10 @ 6-9 P.M. (or later, if you want to play games or something), come and go
WHERE: Steve and Beth’s (and Mikayla’s) house; directions to the Petersheims below
WHY: Because life is good – or we will make it so!
Bring one of the following items: an ice cream (contact Steve or Beth or reply on the facebook invite wall if you plan to bring ice cream), a topping (chocolate/caramel syrup, sprinkles, crushed candy, fruit, cookie bits, etc.), a drink if you want something other than water or coffee,

RSVP if you can (preferably via the Facebook invitation), or just come if you find you can do so at the last minute.