EGSA Meeting Reminder and Location

EGSA Meeting Reminder and Location

April 6, 2010 EGSA Digests 0


We (finally!) have a location for our meeting tomorrow at 11 A.M. We will meet in CS 302. Please come if you want to be part of the direction of EGSA in the future.

Remember, we will be discussing:
1) who we are as EGSA, who we should be, how we can be more beneficial, 2) the conference study committee and the fall lecture by Terence Hoagwood, 3) accomplishments this year, goals for next year

Bring all your best ideas, questions, suggestions… We do want EGSA to serve its purpose, which is to facilitate communication and good working relations between us grad students and the people in charge of our lives right now (GPD, chair, our “bosses,” the graduate school, etc.) and to help prepare us for our professional lives. Tell us how we can help each other.

See you at the meeting, Steve

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