Minutes 8-25-11

EGSA Council Minutes

24 August 2011 11:15am-12:15pm


President – Danielle Williams

VP – Nathan Kilpatrick

Secretary – Sarah Aspen

Treasurer – Heidi Seelke

Peer Advisor – Jeff Bilbro

Ongoing Business

–        TECH: Still working on our website, trying to pass on the necessary info to update/work it

–        PROGRAM INFO: Intention to update online MA and PhD program information. Seeking clarification on confusing items as well as new information where needed, and omitting information no longer accurate.

–        FACULTY R&L: Seeking a faculty go-to person for Religion and Lit. Nathan K currently serves students in capacities we would like a faculty member to do.

–        Trying to gather interest groups and information. Only two have responded via email:

  • Medieval Reading Group – David Clark and Adam Marshall
  • Religion and Lit – Jeff Bilbro and Steven Petersheim

–        HETEROGLOSSIA: we would like to increase frequency of these meetings and encourage wide attendance

–        ENGLISH EVENT ATTENDANCE: Greater attendance is desired at English dept. events like tea, and especially lectures. Solutions: improved calendar (now available), advance warning and reminders, suggestion to commit to 2-3 every 2 weeks or so.

–        DUES: $10 due from all EGSA members to Heidi Seelke (she’s working on her drop-box)

  • Cash preferred, checks to “EGSA”? Checking with Lois.

–        CLUB STATUS: Still deciding what to do about our Baylor org status: whether to stay unofficial or get official?

  • Possibility for GSA takeover? Diff expectations for grad assoc?

–        ALUM LIST – and contact info:

  • Mollie Moore, Adrienne Akins, etc.

–        CURRENT STUDENT LIST: still trying to track down. Jeff will lead this. Sarah will send him Steve’s list of grads.

New Business

–        Discussion of HETC events: EGSA would like to help organize some events that will satisfy requirements for the HETC program (http://www.baylor.edu/graduate/index.php?id=81885) possibly extending outside of the English Dept.

  • Logging feedback
  • Adding composition books to biblio
  • Making suggestions on point system

–        New prelim course place-holder: need to make students aware of new process? See Jeff.

–        Desire for Thesis/Dissertation guidance – conclusion that students are responsible to ask the right questions, but EGSA could help by:

  • Emphasizing GSA calendar of form due dates
  • Pointing to EGSA handbook info (for thesis as well as PhD?)
  • Possible peer panel or contacts for unofficial advice
  • Jeff may speak to Rachel and Jessica about their experience
  • Develop worksheet to guide students and directors in setting dates, how many drafts, etc. and ask the right questions
  • Updating research interest groupings so that students can contact peers regarding working relationship with unknown faculty

–        SUMMER GRADUATION: Laura Bedwell has brought it to EGSA’s attention that English faculty presence at summer graduations is low. Seeking means of improving this situation.

–        FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Reminder to students to file proper paperwork for foreign language requirements and how-to to go in digest

–        COURSE OFFERINGS: to be available online as well as in print

–        NEW FOLKS: Encourage visiting AWC and CSWC to meet all the new students – digest

–        EGSA MEETING 1: To be held Sept 1st? 2:30pm? Location?