EGSA General Meeting, 31 August 2012

EGSA General Meeting, 31 August 2012 Minutes

  1. Welcome – Nathan Kilpatrick
  2. GSA Announcements – Ryan Womack
    1. Committee assignments made
    2. English representative (Julie Ooms) is on policy task force

i. Give suggestions on policy task forcing to Julie

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Heidi Seelke
    1. $1800 in account for big expenses
    2. Pay dues – $10
      1. Cash preferred
      2. Heidi is here MWF 9-1:15; there is an envelope in her office
    3. Your EGSA votes are counted only if you’ve paid your dues
    4. T-shirts available for those who have paid dues
    5. Get expenses approved by Nathan before you buy something for EGSA, and submit a receipt
  2. Heteroglossia – DeAnn Barta and Josh Boyd
    1. Dr. Palma will speak on building your professional community
    2. Thursday, 13 Sep., 2:30, CS 4th floor
    3. Other faculty members may also attend
  3. EGSA Website – Kalani Pattison
    1. Please submit your program information and profile (bio) to Jeremy Leatham today
    2. If you see something out of date on the website, let us know
  4. Graduate Writing Consultants – Rachel Pietka
    1. Advanced graduate students available to help you with your writing
    2. Contact them to set up an appointment:
      1. Send the writing (chapter, paper, etc.) with specific issues you want to discuss
      2. They will respond and set up a one-hour appt.
    3. They also have ongoing writing groups you can join, or they can facilitate your own writing group
  5. Iced Tea Social, Sat., 1 Sep., 7:00pm, Quadrangle Square
    1. There will be cheesecake, lime bars, other refreshments
    2. You may bring something, but you don’t have to
    3. Other upcoming events

i. Breakfasts

ii. Monthly dog walk

  1. New Student Advisement Event – Danielle Williams
    1. In mid-October there will be a brief meeting to answer questions about registering for classes in the Spring
    2. Danielle is the peer advisor; ask her if you have questions about the program
  2. Frequency of Meetings and/or Communication – Nathan Kilpatrick
    1. Proposal: Hold meetings as necessary, not monthly
    2. Kalani: We should have a minimum, possibly twice a semester
    3. Agreed
  3. First-Year Representative
    1. Marianna Fountain selected by first-year students
    2. First-year students can take issues to her directly; they may also talk to Nathan
  4. Other

a. Dept. orientation on same day as GSA orientation? b. Yes