EGSA General Meeting, 1 February 2013 Minutes

EGSA General Meeting, 1 February 2013 Minutes

  1. Welcome – Nathan Kilpatrick
  2. GSA Announcements – Julie Ooms

a. Elections for GSA president and vice-president in February i. Nominate someone by emailing Julie Ooms

  1. New constitution for GSA, ratified, available on GSA website
  2. Social/Service Events

i. Steppin’ Out

  1. T-Shirts, “Back the Bears,” $7, email Julie
  2. Volunteers to sit on SET seminar panel on balancing teaching and graduate work

i. Email III. Treasurer’s Report – Heidi Seelke

a. New deadline for EGSA reimbursements: turn in receipts within a month of event IV. PDC Events – Josh Boyd

a. Institute for Faith and Learning
i. Two meetings per semester on integrating faith into teaching and research. We will be

involved in one of the upcoming events.

  1. Social Events – Sarah Rude
    1. Any ideas? Let Sarah or Elizabeth know.
    2. Look for dog walks, wine and poetry (all at once?)
  2. Book Sale – Adam Marshall
    1. March 26-27, 10am-4pm, SUB
    2. Volunteers needed
      1. Sell books
      2. Organize books
      3. Transport books
      4. Make signs
    3. Look for an email from Adam or talk to/email him
    4. We’ll take good book donations, but we don’t want unsellable books (old textbooks, etc.)
  3. Welcome Event for New Applicants – Nathan Kilpatrick

a. This will be a weekend when applicants to the program may visit campus to get to know

professors, students, campus, etc. It also gives faculty an opportunity to get to know the applicants before making final admission decisions. Applicants are aware of this.

  1. March 1-2
  2. Volunteers needed
    1. Meet ’n’ greeters (events, dinner), if you have decent social skills
    2. Conference presenter, if you have interesting research to present
    3. Provide a guest room for visitors, if you have an extra room and don’t terrify people
  3. Email Nathan to volunteer

VIII. Special Elections: New Orientation Chairs – Nathan Kilpatrick

  1. We want these positions filled earlier so they can be involved with Welcome Event (see above)
  2. Responsibilities of Orientation Chairs
    1. Organize Orientation for incoming students
    2. Update and revise EGSA Handbook, get it approved by Dr. Barcus
    3. Send out Getting Started packet
    4. Send out emails to incoming students and respond to their questions the summer beforethey arrive
    5. Help coordinate EGSA’s involvement in Welcome Event (see above)
  3. Suggestions for nominating Chairs

i. It may be helpful to have one returning chair and one first-year student, but this is not

official or required

  1. Send nominations to Jeremy Leatham and Nathan Kilpatrick by Friday, 8 February
  2. If you accept your nomination (you’ll be notified if you’re nominated), write a blurb about whyyou’d like to serve in the position and send it to Jeremy Leatham by Monday, 11 February
  3. Special Elections will be held the week of 11-15 February
  4. In future years, this election will probably be held in the Fall
  1. Assistantship Requests
    1. Turn into Dr. Barcus by Friday, 8 February
    2. Correction to emailed form:Anticipated Tuition Credit Hours ____ Summer 2013
      ____ Fall 2013
      ____ Spring 2014
  2. Other

a. Change to Handbook: Foreign language requirements should be completed as soon as possible, especially if you are taking a test.