February 13, 2014 EGSA Digests Event Flyers/Reminders Other Announcements 0


Important stuff first:

There is an important schedule change for the Prospective Student Preview Weekend. The dinner tomorrow evening (2/14) will be at Panera at 5:30pm (not at La Fiesta at 5:15, as previously indicated). Any English graduate student is welcome, and it will be a great opportunity to meet and chat with the prospective students.

If you’re still here:

What is it about the human condition that makes other people want to eat at the restaurant we were planning on going to on Valentine’s Day? And what is it about Mexican food that makes for such a great romantic meal? These are compelling questions that we will not discuss as we have our own little la fiesta at Panera. Please don’t misunderstand. We are eating at Panera tomorrow at 5:30. La fiesta, when it’s not the name of a restaurant, is just Spanish for the fiesta. And we’re gonna have it. Tomorrow. At Panera. At 5:30pm. See you there.

Jeremy Leatham
EGSA Secretary

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