EGSA Digest 03.07.14

EGSA Digest 03.07.14

March 7, 2014 EGSA Digests 0



Feel free to sleep in an extra ten minutes next week before tackling those 1,500 pages of reading and fretting over your seminar paper topics. You’ve been a long time coming, spring break.




Beall Poetry Festival, 26-28 Mar.

  • This is a thing. In fact, it’s kinda the thing. You don’t want to be the one who didn’t go. You also don’t want to be the one who didn’t volunteer to help transport the poets or sell the broadsides at the events. So contact Elizabeth Fredericks or Ryan Womack for opportunities to participate in the event of the year and have your name recorded in the annals of eternal glory.

20CRS, Today, 2:30–3:30pm, CS 4th

  • Dr. Robert Hamner, “Derek Walcott: Postcolonial Critical Issues”
  • So, I mistakenly announced last Friday that Dr. Hamner would be visiting us then. The blame is mostly mine. I’d like to shift a little bit of it to the academic job candidate interview process, though, if you’ll allow me. That seems reasonable. Anyway, if the four emails I’ve received today about this event can be trusted, we can attend this afternoon with confidence.

Breakfast, Tomorrow, 9:30amNoon, Elizabeth Fredericks’s (1800 Primrose Dr., Apt. 220, Gate code: 1800)

  • You know the three Fs by now: Food. Friends. Not doing any flippin’ homework. See you there. And thanks, Elizabeth.

Upcoming Events


Religion and WWI Symposium, 19 Mar., 10:30am–5:00pm, ABL

  • “Remembering Armageddon: A Symposium Commemorating the First World War, 1914-2014”
  • FYI: “Remembering Armageddon” falls on my birthday. You and my parents can make what you want out of that.

Until next meal,


Jeremy Leatham

EGSA Secretary

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