EGSA Digest 03.21.14



March Madness: That time of the year when you stress out, become unbalanced, and cry because of your ill-advised choices. Like deciding to tackle reading notebooks.




Bearathon Breakfast, Tomorrow, 10:30am–Noon, Sarah’s (Quadrangle #72)

  • 13.1 miles of torture for $35 dollars, or delicious breakfast with delightful company for free? False dilemma!

Beall Poetry Festival, Wed.–Fri., 26–28 Mar.

  • Here’s a link to the schedule for next week’s festivities:
  • This is one of your more enjoyable obligations as a Baylor English grad student.

Upcoming Events


MRRS Shakespeare Read-Around, Sat., 5 Apr., 7pm, 601 Dyer Ave.

  • Sarah Rude says,


  • It may look like Could Be You is on a unicycle, but Sarah assures me that no such talent is required to participate. Mostly you just need to know how to read and fluctuate your voice in arbitrary ways. Of course, an occasional flourish never goes amiss with Shakespeare.

Until next meal,


Jeremy Leatham

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