EGSA Digest 03.28.14



Keeping it simple today. (Read, looking forward to retirement.)




Beall Poetry Festival

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Upcoming Events


Professional Development Event, Fri., 4 Apr., 2:30–3:30pm, CS 4th

  • “Life After Coursework: Prelims, Prospectus, and Dissertation”
  • Panel. Discussion. Information. Coffee. Snacks. Questions. Answers. Snacks.
  • Distant as it may now seem, life after coursework will one day arrive. If it has already arrived for you, I’m sorry. Fortunately, it only lasts until you die—unlike your work on your prospectus and dissertation, which is only like half that long. In all cases, seems like this will be a useful one.

19CRS, Fri., 4 Apr., 3:30–4:30pm, ABL Lecture Hall

  • Dr. Melissa Bailes, “The Psychologization of Geological Catastrophe in Mary Shelley’sThe Last Man
  • Madness. Widespread devastation. Uncertain survival. Sounds like an appropriate talk for the last few weeks of the semester.

MRRS Shakespeare Read-Around, Sat., 5 Apr., 7pm, 601 Dyer Ave.

  • Sarah Rude says,


  • All Benyousky, Snyder, and Womack’s house’s a stage, so come fill it.

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