EGSA Sizzle

EGSA Sizzle

April 16, 2014 EGSA Digests Meeting Minutes Other Announcements 0


Do you feel it? It’s the electricity in the air. Nominations. Elections. EGSA meetings. Tingly.

Don’t miss out on the excitement. Get your nominations in for next year’s positions (email me), get your dues paid so you can vote (give $10 to Christina), and then get yourself to tomorrow’s (4/17) EGSA meeting at 2:30pm in CS G-03 (walk, skip, or dance).

In case you’ve forgotten what it takes to run an EGSA, check the list below. Consider carefully who might contribute positively in one of these capacities or at least be unlikely to become embroiled in a shameful public scandal, and blindside him or her with a nomination. Better yet, blindside yourself. The success of our organization depends upon you not screwing this up.

Jeremy Leatham
EGSA Secretary

1. Vice President: Open (currently Ryan Womack, who will be President next year)


2. Secretary: Open (currently Jeremy Leatham)


3. Treasurer: Open (currently Christina Boyles)


4. Peer Advisor: Open (currently Josh Boyd)


5. Professional Development Coordinators (2): Open (currently Heidi Seelke and Jay Beavers)


6. GSA Representative: Open (currently Andy Rasmussen)


7. GSA Alternate: Open (currently Nicole Bouchard)


8. Technology Assistant: Open (currently Adam Marshall)


9. Fundraising Chair: Open (currently Emily Brower)


10. Social Chairs (2): Open (currently Elizabeth Fredericks and Sarah Rude)

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