EGSA Snarf



The EGSA Snarf serves multiple purposes, the primary one being that it allows me to quickly disseminate some information right now so that I don’t have to send out a Digest tomorrow. It’s also an acronym. Have fun.


Some minutes

  • The minutes from today’s general EGSA meeting are attached. Most of you won’t open the attachment, but you still expect to know what happened. That’s reasonable. Read on, wise time manager.


  • Some of you have already given up on seeing your wildest dreams fulfilled, but the Snarf is here to inform you that the filing deadline for next year’s EGSA positions is not until 5:00pm tomorrow (Friday, 18 April). So listen to your better angels, rise to the occasion, and volunteer some unsuspecting colleague for something.

An election

  • All those who have been nominated by the deadline tomorrow will receive an email informing or reminding them of the fact and inviting them to officially accept by submitting for the ballot a brief explanation of their vision, aspirations, disillusionment with the incumbent, favorite Nimoy poem, etc.
  • The link for the voting will be emailed to dues-paying EGSAers on Wednesday, 23 April.
  • The results of the election will be announced on Monday, 28 April.
  • The party on behalf of all outgoing EGSA secretaries will commence immediately thereafter.

Registered voters

  • The absolute deadline for paying your $10 to Christina Boyles so you can vote is Tuesday, 22 April.
  • Sorry we didn’t give you much advance notice on this one.

Freaking volunteer, please

  • Emily Brower writes,

Dear EGSA,


Here again is the place where you can sign up to make EGSA a better place (at least monetarily): It’s just 30 minutes (or more if you’re feeling generous!) and you’ll be really glad you helped out. Promise.


In all seriousness, we could really use your help and would be very grateful for the loan of your time and book-selling expertise.


Many thanks,



  • In other words, EGSA, if you don’t sign up, our fundraiser will flop, and we’ll have to resort to something foolproof next year, like requiring everyone to read a Jane Austen novel aloud somewhere on campus until enough people pay you to stop. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right, the time commitment probably will be smaller, but the strain on your vocal chords will be greater. Think about that before you don’t sign up.

So Not even gonnA tRy to make up a legitimate acronym for snarF,

Jeremy Leatham

EGSA Secretary

EGSA General Meeting Minutes 04.17.14