Your future is in their hands; or, please sign some thank you cards

Your future is in their hands; or, please sign some thank you cards

April 28, 2014 EGSA Digests Other Announcements 0



We are pleased to announce next year’s EGSA officers. On behalf of new EGSA president Ryan Womack, thank you very much to all of the outgoing officers and to everyone who has expressed a willingness to serve our fantastic association in any capacity.


Thank you card signer: You! (see below)

Vice President: Andy Rasmussen

Secretary: Elizabeth Fredericks

Treasurer: David Smith

Peer Advisor: Michael Milburn

Professional Development Coordinators: Jordan Carson and Jeremy Leatham

GSA Representative: Nicole Bouchard

GSA Alternate: TBA. Rumor has it that a rock, paper, scissors contest has been organized to settle a tie.

Technology Assistant: Perry Harrison

Fundraising Chair: Sara Kelm

Social Chairs: Sarah Rude and Daniel Benyousky


Congratulations to the new officers. We look forward to you fixing all our problems or at least not screwing up too much.


And to the entire EGSA body, remember that thank you cards requiring your signature will be available starting tomorrow. At the end of the week, the cards will be delivered to faculty and staff members who have supported EGSA this past year. They will migrate among the CS 4thfloor offices and the Writing Center. Find them. Make your mark of gratitude. Live with yourself.


Jeremy Leatham

EGSA Secretary

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