EGSA Digest 8.25.14

Soon–SOON, I promise–we’ll get to a proper end-of-week format. Bear with us through the start-of-semester turbulence. Until then, blame other EGSA officers for the substance of this email. Better yet, blame someone who’s never even heard of EGSA.

Ice Cream Social

  • This Saturday! 6 PM! At the Marshalls’ former domicile!
  • As Prufrock once asked, do you care bring a swimsuit? (Which may feel akin to disturbing the universe.)
  • See the attached images for the official invite from your social chairs, as well as a Google Stalker map that will guide you directly to the site. (Seriously, that level of detail is sometimes a little frightening.)


  • Please pay up to treasurer David Smith, in office 413.
  • Or waylay him in the halls and do a reverse robbery, where you just shove money at him.
  • $10. Please do join and pay; these funds enable us to host useful and frivolous events alike for all of you.
  • Also, EGSA elections are Pay-to-Play. Only members get to vote in elections.

Bios for EGSA Website

  • Send a bio and a square-cropped photo (i.e., height and width are the same; just gank something respectable off your Instagram account) to Adam Marshall ( ).
  • If you already submitted a past bio to EGSA or the Writing Center and would prefer to self-plagiarize, just let Adam know, though you could just copy and paste it into an email to him as well.
  • Try to get it in by September 5.
  • Bio guidelines:

Suggestions/Guidelines for your Bio:
-about 100 words (a little more or less is fine)
-use a professional tone
-include your scholarly interests & specialties (you may also want to include your thesis or dissertation topic or title if relevant)
-include impressive factoids such as your degrees, honors, scholarships, and publications
-explain your job here at Baylor as well as your background: what you have taught or done in the past that is relevant to English
-perhaps state your professional goals
-also feel free to include human interest stuff such as hobbies, family, where you’re from, etc.

That is all. Resume squealing with delight or terror over the first day of school.

Elizabeth Fredericks
EGSA Secretary