EGSA Digest 8.29.14

Dear friends,

You have all successfully survived the first week of school. Congratulations! Now brace yourselves for announcements.

Please let me know if you aren’t receiving the Digests.

  • That’s like a trick question, isn’t it? Raise your hand if you’re not here!
  • But really. I have triple-checked my list and hope to heaven everyone is on here, but if someone seems out of the loop and all, “What Digest?”, please let me know.

EGSA Ice Cream Social: Saturday (8/30), 6 PM

  • At the Marshalls’ apartment complex (see attached invite & map)
  • Recommended: bring an ice cream topping.
  • Suggested: bring  swimsuit.
  • Commanded: Mingle and enjoy.
  • Pony up or be shaken down.
  • But really, give David Smith $10. (Find him in office 413!)
  • Remember voting is only your (EGSA) constitutional right if you’ve paid.
  • Remember parties and professional development are only our duty if we have money.
EGSA Bios & Photos
  • Send Adam Marshall ( a good Anglo-Saxon-style boast, or a few blandly professional sentences, about yourself, along with a square-cropped photo.
  • Please do so by September 5 or he may enact some Anglo-Saxon-style justice upon you. Or you won’t go on the website.
  • Please send the photo as an attachment, and paste your bio into the body of the email.
  • Pretty please.
MRRS SeminarFriday, 9/5, 2:30-3:30 PM
  • Dr. Jeffrey Hamilton will deliver a talk titled “Chivalry and Union of the Houses of Lacy and Lancaster”
  • So, presumably, nothing like the Red Wedding.
  • Location: Jones Library 200
  • Refreshments: very likely.
  • See attached flier.
19th CRS, Friday, 9/5, 3:30-4:30 PM
  • If the previous seminar all sounds a little too War of the Roses-adjacent for you, come to this and hear…
  • Two of your own colleagues, Daniel Benyousky and Heidi Seward, deliver papers on Keats (and Auden) and Jane Austin, respectively.
  • Armstrong Browning Library Lecture Hall
  • Weather sunny with a high chance of refreshments.
GSA Intermural Sports
If you would like to relieve stress by playing sports–or if you want to meet people, I guess!–please read the following message from the GSA.

Fall Intramurals will be upon us soon. The registration deadlines end at different time periods, and I need graduates to signup so I can pay the registration fees.

I have attached the link below for the fall schedules for the intramural events.  New graduates need to buy t-shirts (they are $10) from me. My office is in MMG 127. Follow this link to see which sports are coming up and when the registration deadline is:


Jeff Forsse

And that is all, my friends. You have labored well this first week; now take a break from your labors. And come have ice cream on Saturday.

Humbly yours,

Elizbeth Fredericks
EGSA Secretary