EGSA Digest 9.12.14

Buckle up, EGSA, and let’s do this thing. (What thing?) (Back off! It’s just something people say!)
Armstrong Browning Library Open House, TODAY
  • 3:30-4:45 PM
  • Hosted by the ABL and the 19th CRS
  • Manuscripts, tours, finger foods (hopefully not food made of fingers)
Graduate Student Reception, Moody Library, TODAY
  • 4:00-5:30 PM, Moody 104
  • You get to dress casual and eat food, our favorite things!
  • Also, they are promising “Speed Geeking,” a phrase both ambiguous and perhaps terrifying.
  • Also door prizes. For your door. It’s been feeling sad. 
To Current Job-Seekers
  • First, condolences. 
  • Second, and more importantly, a message from Dr. Russell: “Any students who are planning to go on the academic job market this fall please contact Dr. Richard Russell ( as soon as possible that he might coordinate with the Job Placement committee. Many thanks.”
Lecture: Dr. Katherine Bassard, Monday, Sept 15
  • “Negotiating Freedom: New Challenges in Early African American Literary Study”
  • Carroll Science 101, 3:00 PM. 
  • See, we do love you people who study pre-1900 American literature. 
SET Seminar, Thursday, Sept 18, Jones Library 200
  • Question: Are you just as tired of squirming uncomfortably during awkward class silences as your students are?
  • [Long, awkward silence.]
  • [A cricket disconsolately chirps once, then falls silent forever.]
  • Answer [finally supplied by despairing teacher]: Blair Browning: “Anyone? Anyone?”: Tips for Getting Students to Talk
  • Dr. Browning teaches Communication, so surely we’re talking a reliable source here.
  • Any and all frustrated teachers can fregister here.
EGSA Photos and Bios
  • Send Adam your (square-cropped) photo and (brief, professional) bio.
  • For those who have not, Adam says, and I quote directly, “everlasting shame upon them.” 
  • Everlasting, guys. Everlasting. 
  • $10 to David Smith (findable in CS 413 or [HOME ADDRESS REDACTED])
I know we’re all excited about tomorrow’s cooler weather, because it’s all everyone in Waco is talking about on Facebook. Enjoy! Pretend your life is always like this! Maybe go to the farmer’s market without sweating on everyone.
Elizabeth Fredericks
Mme. Secretary