EGSA Digest 9.26.14

Today’s Digest is brought to you by Pop Sonnets. No, not really. I just thought it should be your lives and had no graceful way to shoehorn it in to an actual announcement.
Monday, Sept 29: Beall-Russell Lecture: Amy Tan
  • “An Afternoon with Amy Tan”
  • 3:30 PM, 510 Cashion Building
  • Sounds cozy, doesn’t it? Like you get to have tea with her.
  • And you get to have an adventure, finding things in the business school!
Monday, Sept 29: PROFF Workshop, “Finding Fit: Knowing Yourself and Your Academic Job Options”
Wednesday, October 1: ATL SET Seminar, “Flipping the Classroom”
  • Specifically, “Lessons from the Flipped Religion Class”
  • Mars McLean Science Building 101
  • Dr. Robert Wallace (Religion)
  • You will not learn to turn your classroom upside down, except in the most metaphorical of senses.
  • Fregister here.
Thursday, October 2: Annual Drumwright Family Lecture, Ken Myers (Mars Hill Audio)
  • “Owen Barfield: The Overshadowed ‘Second Friend’ of C. S. Lewis”
  • (You’ve got to imagine a lot of people wanted to be “First Friend.”)
  • 4:00 PM, Alexander Reading Room (Honors College)
  • No connection to Mars Hill Seattle. Sigh with dejection or relief, whichever is appropriate to you.
  • They are promising High Tea afterwards in the Garden of Contentment, so this is super-legit Brit Lit stuff.
Graduate Student Spiritual Life: Q&A with Tim Elmore
  • October 6, 12:00 PM, Bobo Spiritual Life Center
  • We don’t have a fancy title or a fregister link yet.
  • If you want to connect with your undergraduate students and motivate them to learn, Tim Elmore is supposed to be the guy. Not a guy, the guy.
  • He’s also speaking at Chapel, so again: legit.
  • There will be coffee. Maybe bagels?
  • I might have ulterior motives, having helped to plan the event. Show up. Make me look good.
Saturday, October 11: Annual GSA Tailgate
  • Bring your family and feed them barbecue!
  • There will also be face-painting. For children, but you can ask them to make you look like a healthy, well-adjusted member of society, too. Makeup is amazing these days.
  • RSVP so they buy enough brisket!
  • More details coming. But if you’re feeling antsy, talk to our own Nicole Bouchard (, GSA Social Mastermind. (Official job title.)
Waco Cultural Arts Fest, Sept 26-28
  • One of many oases in the cultural wasteland.
  • But really, your community cares about the arts, so go care with some other people. Bring your kids. It looks good for kids.
  • More information here.


Elizabeth Fredericks
Teacher of Record, PhD Candidate
Department of English
Baylor University