EGSA Digest, 10.16.14

I refrained from calling this the Vancouver Edition, although not really, because I just mentioned it. But being in Vancouver is always an occasion for smugness. Nonetheless, the Digest marches on. Although probably the only things anyone cares about at the moment are: surviving the Old English midterm; football game Saturday; library is open all weekend despite the break.

And probably you need a topic for that seminar paper. Oh dear.

MRRS: “Chaucer’s Oral-Aural Poetry: Re-Constructing His Text,” Friday, October 24
  • Put on by All Those Jerks Who Are At SEMA This Week.
  • Delivered by Tom Hanks (Baylor Original Flavor) in Jones 200 at 2:30 PM.
  • Everything sounds funny if you give it a Middle English pronunciation. Go to this and sound medieval with the best of them.
  • Refreshments provided.
EGSA Professional Development Event, Friday, October 24
  • We all must learn “How to Win Jobs and Impress People: Information and Workshop”
  • No matter how much your mom loves you, she shouldn’t write your reference letters.
  • Find out who should at 3:30 PM in CS G-09.
  • Bring electronic or hard copies of professional documents or job application materials so that people wiser than you can point out all the things you’re doing wrong.
  • Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.
Post-Mortem Poets Potluck, Saturday, October 25
  • Come in costume as a deceased writer. When in doubt, put on some rumpled clothes of your own and pick someone recently deceased to pass yourself off as. Plaid and glasses? Iain Banks. Sweaters and sass? Doris Lessing.
  • 7:30 PM at 2223 N. 6th Street
  • Probably also bring food, or beverages. The dead hunger. And thirst.
ATL SET Seminar, Monday, October 27
Baylor Symposium on Faith and Film, October 23-25
  • Put on by the Institute of Faith & Learning
  • Three words: Free film screenings.
  • Also, some members of our department will be presenting. Show up and support or heckle them. Or supportively heckly them.
  • All information here, including free registration.
And that’s it. Enjoy your token day off. I’m going to go have sushi. In Vancouver.
Elizabeth Fredericks
Mme. Secretary