EGSA Digest 10.24.14

Greetings, EGSA. For once, the Digest comes to you from right here in the heart of Texas, which is why it is dry, dusty, and heavily armed.
From El Presidente (i.e., Ryan Womack):
Graduate Seminars:
We are trying to gather some information on graduate student preferences for graduate seminar times. Would you please take this survey? There’s a consideration to move those seminar times to earlier in the day, for the benefit of students and professors, but we want to gauge student interest. Your input is very helpful.
  • Very helpful, you guys! And they said a career in English wasn’t useful!
  • Seriously, though, do this.
Baylor Faith and Film Conference
  • Happening now. Schedule here.
  • Guaranteed better material than that God Is Not Dead movie.
  • Which calls its own premise into question by getting a sequel.
  • “Chaucer’s Oral-Aural Poetry: Re-Constructing His Text”
  • Jones Library Room 200
  • Dr. Tom Hanks, like the actor named after him, has masterminded a performance.
  • And apparently it brought the house down at SEMA, so come see some of your colleagues talk funny and tell some dirty medieval jokes.
  • Also: snacks.
Professional Development Workshop, TODAY, 3:30 PM
  • You know who has an academic job? Drs. Luke Taylor and Danielle Williams.
  • Be like them! (I.e., job-having.) Come to this workshop in CS G-09 (the computer classroom).
  • Bring electronic or hard copies of your CVs, teaching philosophies, cover letters, ransom notes to search committee chairs, etc, and receive expert feedback. (I anticipate you will be advised not to send ransom notes.)
  • Perhaps not snacks, because: computers. Delayed gratification, though. When you have a job you can buy all the snacks you want.
Post-Mortem Poets Potluck, Saturday, 10/25
  • Invitation attached, but if attachments are just too hard, read on.
  • 2223 N. 6th St (Amy & Emily’s house), 7:30 PM
  • Dress up like dead writer, bring lively food or beverage.
  • There will be prizes, you guys. Time for your A-game.
  • (Joke about our desperate need for good grades goes here.)
SET Seminar, Monday, October 27
  • “How Required Is This Textbook?”: Getting Students to Read for Class
  • W.G. Hulbert (Religion) in Jones 200.
  • Turn your students from this to this.
Departmental Tea, Friday, October 31
19th CRS, Friday, October 31
  • Jeff Cowton (Curator, Wordsworth Trust), “Studying Wordsworth On Site”
  • 3:30 PM, ABL Hankamer Treasure Room
  • Find out how you’ve been doing it all wrong by studying Wordsworth off site.
  • You can still study Wordsworth offside, even though it’s against FIFA Law 11.
PROFF Workshop, Tuesday, November 4
PROFF Workshop, Wednesday, November 5
  • “On the Trail and at the Table: The Substance and Style of Interviewing”
  • 3:30-5:00 PM, Jones Library Creekmore Room
  • You must attend this meeting if you wish to do mock interviews with PROFF the following week.
  • Get out all the embarrassment and humiliation in a situation where it doesn’t count, go be awesome when it does.
  • Fregister here.
SET Seminar, Thursday, November 6
  • “Social Media Five Ways: Five Approaches from Five Instructors”
  • Jones Library 200, 12:30-1:30 PM
  • Presumably more than five ways to say, “No, stop, get off the Twitters.”
  • Fregister here.
  • October 31: Last day for oral examination/defense for December commencement.
  • November 5: Last day for submitting results of Oral Examination to Graduate School for December commencement.

Elizabeth Fredericks
Mme. Secretary