EGSA Digest 10.31.14

Although really, the time to get the Halloween candy is tomorrow morning. See you in the HEB clearance aisle! I hope in the meantime you are all dressing your pets/children/selves in hilarious and completely appropriate costumes.

Interpret “appropriate” however you please.

El Jefe (Ryan Womack) relayed the following:
It’s an “I’d Rather” survey this week, with two options to vote on for our Summer I course for 2015. Please take this one-question survey to have a say in what will be offered:
It’s “Death Is Not An Option,” but with lit courses! Go vote. I’ll go skew the curve by voting even though I’m out of coursework.
  • It’s this weekend. Floats will float. Bonfires will burn. Sportsball will happen
  • Also, parking will be a logistical headache, and every coffeeshop and restaurant in Waco will be crowded with people, so plan your studying wisely.
PROFF Workshop, Tuesday, November 4
  • “Alternative Paths: Non-Faculty Areas of Employment and Service”
  • Go to this workshop if the mid-semester blues have you seriously questioning your vocational choices.  Or even if they don’t.
  • 12:00-1:30 PM, location TBD.
  • Fregister here.
PROFF Workshop, Wednesday, November 5
  • “On the Trail and at the Table: The Substance and Style of Interviewing”
  • 3:30-5:00 PM, Jones Library Creekmore Room
  • You must attend this meeting if you wish to do mock interviews with PROFF the following week.
  • “The style of interviewing” is one of those things that Vogue never really covers for us adequately. And forget about substance.
  • Fregister here.
SET Seminar, Thursday, November 6
  • “Social Media Five Ways: Five Approaches from Five Instructors”
  • Jones Library 200, 12:30-1:30 PM
  • Put the Twitters and the Instagrams to work for you! But really, we all just work for them.
  • Fregister here.
SET Seminar, Tuesday, Nov. 11
  • “Graduate and Undergraduate Classes: What’s the Difference?”
  • 3:30 PM in Jones 200.
  • Taught by Dr. Chris Rios (Graduate School) and Elizabeth Fredericks.
  • Yeah, me.
  • According to the blurb, I am from the “Enlghish” department. Sounds Lovecraftian.
  • This will not boil down to “Grad students are older. And smarter. And prettier.”
  • Fregister here.
20th/21st Century Research Seminar (aka ModCon Studies), Friday, Nov. 14
  • Mark Eaton of APU will speak on “9/11 and its Literary-Religious Aftermaths”
  • In CS 101 at 2:30 PM.
  • I’m guessing those aftermaths include alienation. So much alienation. And probably other things, too.
Go forth and weekend.
Elizabeth Fredericks
Mme. Secretary