EGSA Digest 11.14.14

Dear EGSA,

Canada has heard your cries for fall and answered them with a crushing arctic storm. How d’you like that #pumpkinspicelatte now, huh? But by the time I’m writing this next week, it will allegedly be warmer, as long as we do not invite the ire of the Maple Leaf Republic again. Tread carefully.
In the meantime, Things Are Happening. Let’s get to it.
ModCon Studies Seminar, TODAY
  • Mark Eaton (Azusa Pacific), “9/11 and Its Literary-Religious Aftermaths”
  • CS 101 at 2:30 PM.
  • That institutional coffee is a lot more appealing on a cold day like this, isn’t it?
  • Goes well with the nuclear winter of the soul.
Luis Giron-Negron Lecture, TODAY
  • “A Rabbi, a Friar and a Knight: The Old Spanish Bible of Moshe Arragel”
  • That would be such a great setup to a joke. Please write one in which “the old Spanish Bible of Moshe Arragel” is the punchline.
  • 4 PM, ABL Treasure Room
  • Presented by the Baylor University Collegium for Manuscript Research
or you can go to…
MRRS Presentation & Concert, TODAY
…two medieval/Renaissance events enter, only one leaves!
SET Seminar, Monday, Nov 17
  • Tonya Davis (Ed Psych) “Writing a Syllabus and What the Syllabus Communicates”
  • 3:35-4:35 PM in the Jones Library Creekmore Room
  • Make your syllabi better than this.
  • Fregister.
SWAP (Students Who Are Parents) Family Fun Festival, Sunday, November 16
  • 2:00-4:30 PM on Fountain Mall
  • This brand new organization is throwing an inaugural festival. There will be carnival games, inflatables, face painting, refreshments, and more for the children of all Baylor students.
  • Remember: FREE. Cold, but FREE.
  • They probably still need volunteers, so consider bundling up and pitching in, and email our very own Nicole Bouchard at
Graduate Student Spiritual Life Event, Tuesday, November 18
  • Informal coffee chat: come talk about the connection or lack thereof between intellectual and spiritual community, led by Josh Ritter of the Chaplain’s Office.
  • 10 AM, Bobo Spiritual Life Center.
  • If that name still makes you giggle, know that you are not alone.
  • And then come for the bagels, if nothing else. Delicious Panera bagels.
  • Fregister. (Or just turn up. It’s the chaplaincy, they have to be hospitable.)
MRRS Drama Night, Friday, Nov 21
  • The MRRS is presenting read-arounds of two medieval miracle plays
  • The miracle might be YOU reading a medieval play
  • 7:30 PM at the Roberts’ home (912 N. 22nd St)
  • They will bring copies of the play. You will bring food or beverages. These are the rules.
  • See attached PDF for more information and a very nice picture.
Baylor Early Music Ensemble Concert, Thursday, Nov 20
  • If you have a hunger only medieval music can satisfy, come to this event at 5:30 PM.
  • Also in the ABL Meditation Foyer.
  • Get that sweet, sweet lute music.
Go forth, huddle up on your couches, and drink hot chocolate. Pretend to read some academic sources while you’re at it. 
Elizabeth Fredericks
Mme. Secretary