EGSA Digest 11.7.14

Greetings, EGSA, and welcome to “fall,” that mystical season you’ve all been hoping and praying for. #pumpkinspicelatte #letsdoannouncements
(Yes, I know hashtags don’t work in email. Wipe that smug smile off your face.)
  • 3:30-4:30 PM, ABL Lecture Hall
  • Dr. Jason Payton (Sam Houston State), “Piracy, Islam, and Nation-Building in Royall Tyler’s Algerine Captive
  • If you have always thought that literary studies needed more pirates, then arr, matey, here be the lecture for you.
  • Otherwise, come because you like the 19th century, or because you like Friday afternoon cookies.
  • Everybody likes Friday afternoon cookies.
Waco Friends of the Library Booksale, Today through Sunday
  • At the Extraco Event Center (near Target).
  • More information here.
  • This is basically a terrorist attack on your limited grad student budget, but what a way to go.
SET Seminar, Tuesday, Nov. 11
  • “Graduate and Undergraduate Classes: What’s the Difference?”
  • 3:30 PM in Jones 200.
  • Taught by Dr. Chris Rios (Graduate School) and Elizabeth Fredericks (ugh, her).
  • Fregister here.
Three-Minute Thesis Competition, Thursday, November 13
  • 6 PM in the Moody Library Incubator Space
  • Food by Sergio’s and Off the Cob. (Free, obvs.)
  • The GSA Sayeth:
    The Three Minute Thesis Contest challenges graduate students to communicate the significance of their research projects to a non-specialist audience in just three minutes. The idea is simple: Graduate students spend hundreds of hours putting together their complicated theses and dissertations, but then face the far more trying task of explaining their arguments at parties to friends and families who are not willing, or possibly able, to listen to a lengthy technical explanation. This contest challenges you to do precisely that.
    This is a wonderful program that allows you to showcase your research and win great prizes!  Gift cards of $150$100, and $50 will be awarded to the top three contestants. All are welcome – bring your friends, family, professors, colleagues and students! Email any questions to the Chair of the Academic Committee, Laura Ornelas (
    Click HERE to apply as a contestant by submitting a brief summary of your work.
20th/21st Century Research Seminar (aka ModCon Studies), Friday, Nov. 14
  • Mark Eaton of APU will speak on “9/11 and its Literary-Religious Aftermaths”
  • In CS 101 at 2:30 PM.
  • Afterwards we can play Call of Duty: Postmodern Warfare.
MRRS Presentation & Concert, Friday, November 14
  • Meditation Foyer of the Armstrong Browning Library
  • Dr. Jann Cosart and the Early Music Ensembles will be discussing and presenting authentic English Medieval and Renaissance music for your academic and personal edification.
  • Wait, edification? I didn’t agree to that.
SWAP (Students Who Are Parents) Family Fun Festival, Sunday, November 16
  • 2:00-4:30 PM on Fountain Mall
  • This brand new organization is throwing an inaugural festival. There will be carnival games, inflatables, face painting, refreshments, and more for the children of all Baylor students.
  • Magic words: TOTALLY FREE, Y’ALL.
  • Do not dress up your dog and try to pass it off as a child with a skin condition.
  • If you don’t have kids but want some free face-painting, consider volunteering, and email our very own Nicole Bouchard at
Or, alternatively, you can just get a burrito at the Farmer’s Market tomorrow and feel pretty good about your life, until you remember that, like winter, deadlines are coming.
Until next week, I remain your faithful
Elizabeth Fredericks
Mme. Secretary