EGSA Digest 1.16.15

EGSA Digest 1.16.15

February 3, 2015 EGSA Digests 0

Dear EGSA,

Another year, another semester, another digest for you to heed or disregard at your peril. That’s right. Peril. There will be no more fooling around.

No more than usual, anyway.

Also, there will be no formatting, because webmail disdains my current device and denies me formatting. Let’s get to it.

First EGSA Meeting of the Year: FRIDAY, JANUARY 23
–2:30-3:30 PM, in CS 101
–SPECIAL GUEST STAR: Dr. Russell, our new GPD
–EXTRA ENTICEMENT: Refreshments!
–“It should be a good time” –El Jefe, Ryan Womack

Grad Student Spiritual Life: 10 AM, FRIDAY, JANUARY 30
–Dr. Perry Glanzer (Educational Foundations), “What is Christian Teaching? The Diverse Approaches of Christian Professors”
–Bobo Spiritual Life Center
–Find out how to guide students to answers other than Jesus.

ModCon Studies Seminar: 2:30 PM, FRIDAY, JANUARY 30
–Dr. Bryan Glemza (UNC), “Is Anything Sacred in Cormac McCarthy’s Fiction”
–Carroll Science 101
–You know what they say–if you have to ask, then…well, you know.

–Dr. David Lyle Jeffrey (Baylor Honors College), “Bathsheba in Eye of the Beholder: Reading the Bible Visually from Late Medieval Manuscripts to Rubens and Rembrandt”
–Armstrong Browning Lecture Hall
–Poor Bathsheba, a lady just can’t bathe in peace Western Art History.

MLK Weekend Activities
–If you would like to get involved with the various observations happening this weekend, here is info passed along from Hannah Hanover.
–Mission Waco is offering a play, soul food lunch, and day of service:
–Plays, marches, and a speech from Ken Starr at Baylor:
–A Veggie Van Experience (how mysterious!) and gardening opportunities through World Hunger Relief:

And I think that’s it. Amendments and corrections may be likely, as is always the case at the start of the semester. Await with excitement! Or enjoy your three day weekend.

I remain, as ever,
Elizabeth Fredericks
Mme. Secretary

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