EGSA Digest 1.23.15

EGSA Digest 1.23.15

February 3, 2015 EGSA Digests 0

Well, friends, it is the second week of semester, so now it’s getting real. I always assume there is a direct correlation between the number of emails blowing up my inbox and the “realness” of the semester. It’s very real, guys.

Let’s throw another email on the fire now.
Sara Kelm, Booksale Maven, would like you to know that you if you desperately need to clear some space on your bookshelves (and face it, you totally do), you can drop off your donations beginning now! Those books you’re tired of, the ones you’ll never get around to reading, the ones a well-meaning but clueless relative gave to you–give them a new life, by giving them to someone else. Leave your donations in the workroom supply closet, if you have a key; leave them in office 413 if you do not; either way, email to tell her what you’ve done. But only if it pertains to the books, and where you put them. Keep your manifesto about the new D’Angelo album to yourself.
Also, you can buy Girl Scout Cookies in the department office. Nobody told me to tell you this. I just knew you needed to know.
EGSA Meeting with New GPD, TODAY, 2:30 PM
  • Dr. Russell is our new GPD, in case you didn’t know.
  • That’s Graduate Program Director, not Gotham Police Department.
  • Come meet him in CS 101 at 2:30 PM.
  • You may not feed the GPD. But EGSA will feed you. Refreshments provided!
19th Century Research Seminar: TODAY, 3:30 PM
  • Dr. Karen Dieleman (Visiting ABL Scholar), “Robert Maxwell Hanna, the Brownings, and the Second Evangelization of Italy”
  • ABL Lecture Hall
  • Rogue evangelists! Brownings! Journal articles! It’s like it’s about us! (By “us” I mean “you Victorianists.”)
  • Refreshments, as ever, provided.
Preparing Our Future Faculty: Tuesday, January 27, 2:00 PM
  • Get ready for Round 2: Spring Semester edition of Panicking About the Job Market
  • Jones Library Creekmore Room
  • Fregister here.
Grad Student Spiritual Life Event: Friday, January 30
  • 10:AM in the Bobo Spiritual Life Center.
  • Hey, a thing that isn’t happening at 2:30!
  • Perry Glanzer (Higher Ed), “What is Christian Teaching? The Diverse Approaches of Christian Professors”
  • So, more than just stumping for students to come to your church.
  • Fregister here. Coffee and bagels provided. 
MRRS: Friday, January 30, 2:30 PM
  • Dr. David Lyle Jeffrey (Baylor Honors College), “Bathsheba in Eye of the Beholder: Reading the Bible Visually from Late Medieval Manuscripts to Rubens and Rembrandt”
  • 2:30 PM in the ABL Lecture Hall
  • Voyeurs After God’s Own Heart in Western Art History
  • Refreshments, because they care.
MonCon Studies Seminar: Friday, January 30, 2:30 PM
  • Dr. Brian Glemza (UNC), “Is Anything Sacred in Cormac McCarthy’s Fiction”
  • Carroll Science 101
  • I’m just going to come down on the side of “No,” just to see the McCarthy apologists start to foam at the mouth. <3 
  • I’m betting there’ll be coffee, because if not
I think that’s all. I sure hope that’s all. It’s all for now. Have some words!
Elizabeth Fredericks
Mme. Secretary

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