EGSA Digest 12.5.14

EGSA Digest 12.5.14

February 3, 2015 EGSA Digests 0

Dear EGSA,

So we have come to the almost-end. The end of the Digest, at least, even as you continue to slog away at papers. Something thoughtful and sincere about self-care goes here; bask in its warm glow.
Enough touchy-feely stuff. Let’s rip through these last few announcements.
Departmental Tea, TODAY, 2:30 PM
  • 4th Floor Lounge
  • One last chance to make awkward conversation in an uncomfortable space.
  • Try not to be this guy at any of the faculty.
19th CRS, TODAY, 3:30 PM
  • Our own Dr. Lisa Shaver gives a talk titled “Thou Shalt Not: Forging a Women’s Rhetoric”
  • In the ABL Hankamer Treasure Room
  • Finish the game of Clue by putting the murder weapon here.
  • (But you’re wrong: it was Dr. Vitanza in the Lounge with a Norton Anthology.)
TA Winter Meeting, Tuesday, 12/9, 9:00 AM
  • In CS 301.
  • All teachers of record, show up at this.
  • All the rest of y’all, sleep in or write papers.
Annual Christmas Party, Friday, 12/12, At an Hour That Has Not Been Disclosed
  • Brace yourselves for the novella that Benyousky will write as the formal invitation.
  • But I’m going to preempt him a bit here:
  • 601 Dyer Avenue, probably 7 PMish.
  • Bring food or beverages.
  • Be ready to sing Christmas songs of both the cheesy and traditional variety. (Or cheesy traditional variety.)
  • Maybe dance.
Final Fall Semester Saturday Breakfast, Saturday, 12/13, 10 AM
  • If you wake up feeling like this, come have coffee and quiche. (Also if you wake up feeling like this¬†or like this.)
  • I might even put Chuck in a Christmas sweater.
  • 1800 Primrose Dr. #220J. RSVP. Quiches don’t cook quick, yo.
I would like to leave you all with some helpful travel tips for the Christmas break. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, eat a lot of delicious things and hang out with a lot of delightful people.

Elizabeth Fredericks

Teacher of Record, PhD Candidate
Department of English
Baylor University

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