EGSA Digest 8.26.2016

My beloved EGSA,


As imperceptibly as grief, the summer lapsed away.


The good news is that life is rollicking along and we’ve got a LOT of news in the Digest today to distract you from student emails, dissertation “deadlines,” and the distant thought of seminar papers waiting somewhere in your future. 






We have a website ( Go to there for all your EGSA informational needs.


EGSA Officers 2016-2017


President: Nicole Bouchard
Vice President: Sara Dye
Secretary: Emily Brower
Treasurer: MacKenzie Sarna
Peer Advisor: Andy Rasmussen
Professional Development Coordinators: Amy Schroeder and Sarah Rude
Social Chairs: Caitlin Lawrence and Becca Cassady
Technology Chair: Zach Kastens
Technology Assistant: Reyna Johnson
Fundraising Chair: Josh Pittman
GSA Representative: Wesley Garey
GSA Alternate Representative: Rachel Kilgore




Speaking of the EGSA website, Zach Kastens writes:


Fellow English graduate students: Are you sick and tired of seeing your youthful, exuberant visage — unburdened by the psychic toil of years in the Word Mines ™, beaming at you from the cold depths of your computer monitor? Do you shiver with embarrassment when reading what academic disciplines once interested you in your distant-but-still-pretty-recent past? Have you been overcome with feelings of isolation and despair to find that you have not been included in the Baylor EGSA Member page?


Fret no longer! The EGSA website is getting a long-overdue update this semester… an update that includes NEW! photos and NEW! bios of our esteemed peers. Please send an updated photograph and biographical blurb to Zach ( with the subject “EGSA Bio” by next Friday, September 2nd. The information we seek should include which “content area” you are studying. I encourage festivity, jolliness, and merriment in both your biographies and photos. If you are already pleased with your current entry, then do nothing, for ’tis not you for which this missive is meant. 




  • Need help with job application materials? A second set of eyes on your prospectus/seminar papers/reading notebook/articles?
(hint: yes, yes you do) 
  • Email and an advanced PhD student with excellent writing skills will get you the help you need. Questions? Ask Amy Schroeder (Graduate Writing Center Coordinator) and Daniel Benyousky (Graduate Writing Center Consultant), who are conveniently located in our very own department.



  • Now open on the second floor of the Poage library. 
  • Never heard of the Poage? Me either. But I’ve heard tell you can get there through the corridor connecting Moody and Jones. 
  • You can get more information at or by following @baylorgrc on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (where you might just see our resident GRC Celebrity, Jeremy Larson. If you’re lucky)
  • This is grad school. Work all day and get half-drunk at night.


Digest Housekeeping 


If you’ve graduated, and no longer want to receive the Digest, let me know and I will remove you from the email list just as soon as I finish sobbing over my deep feelings of personal rejection. Why don’t you like my emails anymore, anyways? Whyyyy? What did they ever do to YOU?!


Just kidding. It’s fine. I’ll be fine. 


If you received the Digest at more than one email address (lucky you), it’s because I don’t know which email you prefer. So tell me.  


CFP: Christianity and Literature

  • Christianity and Literature is doing a special issue on secularism and postsecularism
  • Submissions due January 15th (You gotta love distant deadlines and the illusion of having plenty of time)
  • See attached CFP for more details
  • Secular (post?)schmecular. Beauty is truth and truth beauty. That’s all you ever need to know. 


GSA Intramurals

GSA writes: 

GSA would like to remind everyone that as graduate students your presence on campus is important. One of the ways you can help promote GSA is by participating in intramurals. It is a great way to let the Baylor community know of the graduate schools involvement on campus, as well as finding time to connect with other grad students through fun activities. If you would like to participate you will need to:
  • Create/join a Team (Team name must be GSA).
  • You can purchase GSA athletic jersey for $10
  • Contact Kendall McCullough ( so the team fees can be paid through GSA or if you have any questions about intramurals.
  • I know you’ve got inner rage, EGSA. You can’t hide it from me. I see that pen resting snug as a gun between your fingers. It’s time to let that rage out via some athletic prowess to increase the glory of the GSA. Get on it.



Graduate Student Reception

  • You shall arise and go at 3:30, and go to the 4th floor lounge
  • RRR, grad faculty, AND delicious snacks
  • Whatever you do, don’t forget: the awkward conversation quota is 3 (no more, no less)


Graduate Student Day at the Farmers’ Market


Remember when I sent an email that said this event was last week? Yeah, not so much. Arrow showers sent out of sight, somewhere becoming rain, and all that. See below for new details. 

GSA is excited to announce the return of the fall semester Graduate Student Day at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market, which will be held this Saturday, August 27th, from 9am-1pm. In partnership with the city of Waco, GSA will provide graduate students with $5 in tokens to spend at the market. Spouses are also eligible to receive $5 in tokens. GSA has also arranged special discounts from select vendors, including:


– Co-Town Crepes

– Luna Juice

– Artisan Oven

– Sergio’s

– Happy Stuff

– Double B Poultry

– Heritage Creamery

Space is limited to 400 individuals, beginning with those who RSVP. After 11:00am, any unclaimed tokens will be made available on a first-come first-serve basis. We are restarting the registration for this event, so be sure toclaim your spot HERE!


Graduate Student Research Center Reception


The incubator has changed, changed utterly, and it’s time to celebrate. Check out the key information below and see the attached flier for more details. 

  • Time: Monday, August 29th, 4-5:30
  • Place: Graduate Research Center (duh)
  • Epic prizes available 

Formatting Workshops


  • If you’re working on your master’s thesis or your dissertation, you need to attend a formatting workshop with the graduate school. HURRY UP PLEASE IT’S TIME. 
  • Here are your options:
DATE:        Monday, August 29, 2016
PLACE:      Morrison Hall Room 100
TIME:         11:15 a.m.-1 p.m. (pizza will be provided)
DATE:        Tuesday, August 30, 2016
PLACE:      Morrison Hall Room 100
TIME:         5:15-7:00 p.m.  (pizza will be provided)
  • Yes, you literally have to do this. Because you also have to undergo a formatting review before you can defend and graduate. 

Whew. That was one loooooooong read, EGSA. Just when you thought nothing was longer than Triple R’s reading notebook list. As your patience erodes and you question the necessity of this newsletter, just remember: poetry makes nothing happen, but the Digest, the Digest is your gateway to making so many things happen.

Walk on air, EGSA. The fall semester can’t get you down.




p.s. Yes, some of these poetry jokes are truly horrible. But in this week’s appetizer, I made EGSA + Extra = EGSTRA and if that’s not enough to compel your forgiveness, I don’t know what is.