EGSA Digest: Thanksgiving Edition

Inside this issue: Exciting Activities, Excellent Accomplishments, and Exhilarating Revelations

Download it Here: EGSA Digest Thanksgiving Edition

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving, friends! In the spirit of this day, I am going to NOT complain
about all of the various deadlines conspiring to kill us and instead list some things that all of
us in EGSA should be thankful for:

  1. The freedom of the press. Thank goodness we can all enjoy a healthy dose of
    unvarnished, entirely non-FAKE news.
  2. The fact that it’s been a solid two years and change since the Carroll Science elevator got
    stuck and trapped someone inside.
  3. Sea otters. I mean good grief. What whiskery little bundles of unadulterated goodness.
  4. The presidential professionalism of Holly Spofford, whose many successes include being
    available to listen to our concerns, sharing those concerns with the powers that be, and
    not conspiring with disembodied alien souls to deprive us of knowledge of our true
  5. Caffeine.

I’m sure we could all add more items to this list, and perhaps some of us might take some of
those items away (more on that soon). But first peruse the news and check out your fellow
graduate students’ accomplishments! I hope you all enjoyed your respective Thanksgiving
feasts today.
Sort of sincerely,
Clayton McReynolds