EGSA Digest: Baby Iguana Edition

Inside this Issue: This, That, and The Other. 

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We have arrived at, for many of us, the crest of the mighty rolling stress-wave that is the
semester. As such, it may well feel as if we are about to be destroyed utterly and that without
remedy by the various deadlines and demands that threaten to constrict us and swallow us
whole not unlike the way that this horde of vicious runner snakes seeks to brutally devour
this beautiful baby iguana. But make sure that you watch this video all the way through.
Don’t look away in horror when it looks as if all hope is lost for the young reptile. And I
hope you will be inspired. I am. I love that baby iguana. I want to be that baby iguana when I
grow up. May we all leap our way to freedom, avoiding the snapping jaws of our seminar
papers, like the resplendent goose-toad-iguanas that we are.

Sort of sincerely,

Clayton McReynolds

EGSA Secretary (a.k.a. Mister Secretary Sir, a.k.a. Minister of Misinformation)