EGSA Digest: It’s Happening Again Edition

Inside this issue: This, that, and the other.

EGSA Digest It’s Happening Again Edition

Well, here we go again. Another semester is beginning. At this point, all of us have done this before, although some of us have done it considerably more than others. At any rate, I hope that you all had excellent breaks full of Christmas cheer and a mixture of relaxation and productivity.

And remember, as we start this new semester, feel free to send me any events you think should be shared amongst EGSA folks, as well as any notable successes among our colleagues (including yourselves) or any amusing trip-ups in your daily experience. To alert me to any such thing, just inform me of it via email before Thursday afternoon. And be sure to check out the announcements today for notable news and illuminating information!

I look forward to another semester with you folks, aside from all of the work and stuff.

Sort of sincerely,

Clayton McReynolds
EGSA Secretary (a.k.a. Mister Secretary Sir, a.k.a. Minister of Misinformation)