EGSA Digest: The Totally Normal Edition

Inside this issue: Happy News about this Peaceful and Free Community We All Share, No Hidden Message

EGSA Digest Totally Normal Edition

What a great day in this free and wholesome community, friends! Today I’m just feeling extra grateful for the way we can live our lives in peace and quiet, knowing that everyone in authority (except for maybe Folly Holly) has our best interest at heart. In fact, you know what you should do today? You should go take the Enneagram to discover more about your true identity. Caitlin can help you. Or maybe thank Ben for doing such a great and groovy job leading EGSA forward on the path to true greatness.
Have a great prospective student weekend, folks! Make sure to do your best to lure those potential initiates into the Order…err department!

Sort of sincerely,

Clayton McReynolds

EGSA Secretary (a.k.a. Mister Secretary Sir, a.k.a. Minister of Misinformation)