EGSA Digest: The Spring Break Eve Edition

EGSA Digest: The Spring Break Eve Edition

March 11, 2019 EGSA Digests 0

Inside this issue: Useful News, Freely Spoken Information, Still Definitely No Secret Message

EGSA Digest The REAL Spring Break Eve Edition

Congratulations on making it (almost) all the way to Spring Break, comrades! I hope that you and your cats are well. And I hope that you all have a great time partying away this break: grading essays on the beach, writing essays in clubs, reading Gertrude Stein while you play slots in Vegas, or simply chilling out and researching your way through a yard high stack of books in Waco. But seriously I hope that you do make some time for relaxation and fun before we take the plunge into the rest of semester!
Sort of sincerely,

Clayton McReynolds

EGSA Secretary (a.k.a. Mister Secretary Sir, a.k.a. Minister of Misinformation)

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