EGSA Digest: The Puritan Edition

EGSA Digest: The Puritan Edition

April 8, 2019 Uncategorized 0

Inside this issue: Notable News, Song-Worthy Successes, and Possibly Puritans

EGSA Digest Puritan Edition

I’m not going to say much here today, folks, for one very simple reason, which is that I don’t want to. May my honesty cover over my sloth.

However, don’t let the sparsity of this introduction deceive you; this issue is chock full of good stuff: some important announcements you won’t want to miss, a wealth of awesome achievements to applaud, and some startling developments in the Thetanist Conspiracy.

Enjoy, EGSA comrades!

Sort of sincerely,

Clayton McReynolds

EGSA Secretary (a.k.a. Mister Secretary Sir, a.k.a. Minister of Misinformation)

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