Checklist for Years 3-4: Preliminary Exams, Prospectus Review, Research

Invest in Yourself

  • Continue relevant suggestions from Years 1-2
  • Make tentative career decisions, set goals and create an action plan
  • Get your CV critiqued
  • Perform service or take on a leadership role relevant to your interests
  • Seek opportunities to be a mentor to undergraduate or graduate students
  • If interested in an academic career, consider applying for teaching fellowships and coloquia


Expand your Awareness of Career Options

  • Continue relevant suggestions from years 1-2
  • Conduct informational interviews with employed faculty and professionals
  • Explore career options (and gain experience and network contacts) through voluneer work, internships, etc.


Build Your Network

  • Continue relevant suggestions from Years 1-2
  • Join appropriate division units within discipline area associations
  • Volunteer to be a paper reader, chair/facilitator or discussant for conferences
  • Meet and network with professionals outside academia
  • Identify additional mentors as needed for career goals
  • Keep in touch with relevant network contacts developed earlier


Job Search Process

  • Continue relevant suggestions from Years 1-2
  • Start identifying the types of universities and colleges in which you are interested
  • Examine job descriptions for qualifications and make necessary adjustments to your career plan
  • Beginning year 3, submit articles for publication with a goal of having at least 1 article in press or in print when you are on the market.

Adapted from UCI Career Center, University of California – Irvine