Checklist for Years 5-6

Invest in Yourself

  • Continue relevant suggestions from years 1-4
  • Decide what career option(s) you will pursue during your job search and develop an action pan
  • Utilize career development resources offered at professional organization and/or scholarly society conferences or on their websites
  • Choose volunteer work, internships, etc. to gain experiences relevant to your career goal
  • If interested in an academic career, seek the opportunity to participate in job search committees for your department and/or attend job talks of faculty job candidates
  • Attend workshops on the job search process


Expand your Awareness of Career Options

  • Continue relevant suggestions from years 1-4


Build Your Network

  • Continue relevant suggestions from years 1-4
  • If interested in non-academic jobs, attend career fairs and employer information sessions and network with recruiters


Job Search Process

  • Start exploring specific positions of interest an/or post-docs
  • Write your dissertation with the goal of publishing
  • Draft application materials for the job search: cover letter, statement of teaching philosophy, statement of research interest, etc. and get them critiqued by faculty in your department, and by mentors and network contacts
  • Learn about academic and non-academic interviewing
  • Prepare the basics of your academic job talk
  • Decide how you will obtain/send letters of recommendation
  • Meet with those you plan to use as references/recommendation letter writers; update them on your plans and share an updated CV
  • If interested in academic positions, get copies of all your teaching evaluations

Adapted from UCI Career Center, University of California – Irvine