EGSA Officers

Baylor’s English Graduate Student Association serves as an advocate for the English graduate student body by functioning as a recognized liaison between graduate students and both English department faculty and University administration. EGSA also works to advance the professional interests of both M.A. and Ph.D. students and seeks to promote camaraderie among graduate students. Membership in EGSA is open to all Baylor University graduate students in English.

EGSA Officers for the 2019-2020 School year

We love being your officers and are happy to help in any way we can.  Check below to see who can help you most and then do please Contact us!

  • President: Ben Rawlins Our fearless leader. If there’s an issue that affects us all and you think it should go to Dr. Russell, talk to Ben, our official liaison. If you have a question relating to your own unusual case and you’ve already run it by Holly Spofford (Peer Advisor), take it to Dr. Russell.
  • Vice President: Molly Lewis Our fearless leader in training.
  • Secretary: Clayton McReynolds a.k.a. Mister Secretary Sir, a.k.a. Minister of Misinformation. Send him your announcements and information on the developing Thetanist takeover!
  • Treasurer and Fundraising Chair: Luke Sayers The keeper of the purse. Pay him your dues!
  • Peer Advisor: Holly Spofford The wisest of us all.  For questions about paperwork, inside tips, grad school survival, and proof that it can be done, contact Holly.
  • Professional Development Coordinator: Sarah Tharp Provider of practical wisdom, she organizes information and meetings that help us get jobs!
  • GSA Representative: Sørina Higgins. Our official representative to the larger Graduate Student Association; let her know if EGSA is too small a pond for you! 
  • GSA Alternate: Reyna Johnson Our official representative to the GSA when Sørina is out.
  • Technology Chair: LaJoie Lex Our website caretaker. For questions, suggestions and complaints about this website, email me!
  • Social Chair: Anna Beaudry and Shannon McClernon Arrangers and facilitators of fun and festivities!
  • Orientation Chairs: Ryan Sinni and Kelly Collins Welcomers of all our newest members! 

To post announcements in the EGSA Digest, email Clayton McReynolds by Thursday morning.

To make suggestions for the website, email LaJoie Lex.

The Graduate Student Association:

The GSA meetings are open to all graduate students on campus. Though we have official liaisons between EGSA and GSA, leadership in the GSA is open to all graduate students as well. Ask Sørina Higgins, Becca Cassady, or Reyna Johnson if you’d like more information on getting involved!