Program Information and Forms

EGSA Handbook

The EGSA Handbook 2021-2022 is your peer-compiled guide to all the wisdom of the EGSA. Below, you’ll find helpful links to the forms and spreadsheets that it references arranged roughly in the order in which you will need them during your years in the English Graduate Program.  If you need additional guidance, contact the Peer Advisor.

Spreadsheets and Ongoing Resources

Degree Requirements and Spreadsheets

Travel Funding

  • Travel Funding from Graduate School: Apply here first, and then apply in the English Department
  • Travel Funding from English Department: Apply here after you have funding from the Graduate School
  • Travel Reimbursement Form: Complete this online form after you travel to be reimbursed for expenses
  • Creating Expense Reports: A guide to completing necessary reports in Ignite for reimbursement. Contact Lois Avey (English Department Office Manager) for help or with any questions. She says, “If you’re being reimbursed from a grant or a non-English Department the accounting numbers will also be different. Please let me know and I can try to help you with that.”


  • Checklist for coursework: A helpful list of things to keep in mind in your first years in graduate school
  • Graduate School Petition: Complete this form to have coursework from a previous program satisfy distribution requirements. (NOTE: Students who enter with an MA will also have to petition to have those credits applied to their PhD. If you don’t do this, your “degree audit” in BearWeb will show you missing credit hours. It’s a technicality, but it can cause confusion if you don’t get it taken care of early. See page 8 in the Handbook for more.)
  • Graduate School Petition: Languages are generally taken in the summer, and this form applies the languages to your requirements.
  • Record of Foreign Language Examination: If you choose to test out of a language complete this form.
  • Requirements for Graduate Certificate in Religion and Literature (applies only to students beginning the program in Fall 2017 and beyond)
  • Form for Funding from Graduate School for Third Course: If you decide to take more than two courses in the semester, complete this form from the Baylor Graduate School to collect funding. (This may not be necessary anymore–it has become more common to take three courses per semester.)

MA: Thesis

PhD: Prelims, Prospectus and Research

  • Checklist for prelims and prospectus: A helpful list of things to keep in mind between course-work and dissertation.
  • Guide to Preliminary Exams: A website with links to sample prelim lists of those who have gone before.
  • Classroom Observation Evaluation: An evaluation form from the ATL that faculty and peers can complete to give you feedback on your teaching and add to your portfolio.
  • Result of Preliminary Examination – Complete this form after passing your prelims and before starting your dissertation hours
  • Dissertation Committee Form: Pick up this form from the English Office before you go to your Prospectus review, so that the committee members can sign it and make you officially ABD.  This is a form that exist only on hard copy in the English office.

PhD: Dissertation

  • Checklist for dissertation: A helpful list of things to keep in mind during your dissertation
  • Doctoral Investment Form – this is due at your preliminary technical review, which occurs at least 14 days before your defense.
  • Announcement of Doctoral Oral Examination – this is due at least 10 days before your dissertation defense.
  • Results of Doctoral Oral Examination – bring this to your defense and get it signed
  • Approval of Final Dissertation Copy – fill this out after your dissertation examination and after your committee chairperson approves your revisions.
  • Copyright and Availability Form – fill this out and turn it in during your final review.  Most professors recommend checking the two year box so you have time to get your dissertation published before your brilliant ideas are disseminated freely.
  • Change of Grade Form – fill this out to get your dissertation hours changed from incomplete to complete.  It’s not online, but Lois has copies of it.

The Job Search