Below are links to the forms you need to fill out as you move through the final stages of the program. They are generally organized in order of use.

Graduate School Petition – fill this out to get your foreign language classes approved.

Record of Foreign Language Examination – fill this out if you fulfilled your foreign language requirement by taking an exam (not a summer course).

Public Speaking Form  – This form should be used to evaluate your public speaking. Fill this out and turn it in after you have completed the Public Speaking Requirement for your PhD.

Result of Preliminary Examination – fill out after passing your prelims, before starting your dissertation hours

Record for Candidacy for Doctoral Degree – fill this out before your prospectus review before starting your dissertation hours

A secret form in the English office – fill this out after passing your prospectus review.  It’s secret because it only exists in hard copy form and isn’t listed anywhere official.  Lois has copies of this form.

Doctoral Investment Form – this is due at your preliminary technical review, which occurs at least 14 days before your defense.

Announcement of Doctoral Oral Examination – this is due at least 10 days before your dissertation defense.

Results of Doctoral Oral Examination – bring this to your defense and get it signed.

Approval of Final Dissertation Copy – fill this out after your dissertation examination and after your committee chairperson approves your revisions.

Copyright and Availability Form – fill this out and turn it in during your final review.  Most professors recommend checking the two year box so you have time to get your dissertation published before your brilliant ideas are disseminated freely.

Change of Grade Form – fill this out to get your dissertation hours changed from incomplete to complete.  It’s not online, but Lois has copies of it.