EGSA Digest 11.21.14

Greetings, EGSA,
Today’s email will be brief, as I am later today facing death by firing squad and must put my affairs in order.*¬†All witty/clever commentary will therefore be provided by British thespian and writer Emma Thompson.
TODAY, Departmental Tea
Tuesday, December 2: PROFF talk
Thursday, December 4: Christmas on 5th
  • Further reminders to come, but there is usually a market, a petting zoo, hot chocolate, and musical guests.
  • Last year they screened Elf on Fountain Mall.
  • It’ll be at 6 PM in the general Fountain Mall/Burleson Quadrangle area.
  • That’s all I got at the moment, what more do you want from me?
Friday, December 5: Departmental Tea
  • 2:30 PM, 4th Floor Lounge
  • You can make conversation to close out the semester, although…
And that’s it. Enjoy your two-day week next week, and make lofty plans for all the things you say you will get done (but won’t) over the Thanksgiving break. The end is in sight!
Elizabeth Fredericks

Mme. Secretary
* Okay, prospectus defense, but same difference.